May 2018: St. Cloud, MN

February 2018: New Mexico

People often describe traversing through the mountains and valleys of New Mexico as other-worldly. Even those who aren’t on a mission to find extra terrestrial activity get that sense that there is something else going on amidst the gorgeous scenery. Our trip to New Mexico gave us that feeling and so many more. From the […]

January 2018: Mankato

Let’s be clear: North Mankato and Mankato are in different counties.

May 2017: Sweden

I had been lusting over Scandinavia for years, never finding quite the right opportunity to go there among so many other cheaper destinations in Europe. I am so glad we found cheap airfare through piecing together flights with a layover in Boston. Sweden is familiar. I felt so at home there, eating fresh cardamom buns […]

April 2017: Milwaukee

Suddenly, this place has become Minneapolis’ younger hipper cousin. And I’m into it.

February 2017: Cuba

Travel ban lifted, and me, on one of the first flights out.

January 2017: Malta

An historically significant island, for a historically low fare.

September 2016: Nashville

We came for the football, stayed for the music, and got high on hot chicken in between.

July 2016: Oregon

When food, beer, and dunes come together PNW-style, you take advantage.

May 2016: Iceland

A midsummer day’s dream.