Mexico & Caribbean

March 2015: Yucatan

Ancient pyramids, old towns, and a new hobby.

November 2015: Puerto Rico

A fortress, a beach and bio-luminescence.

January 2016: Cancun

Sometimes, you need 48 hours at a cheap all-inclusive to escape the bitter cold of home.

August 2016: Virgin Islands

Where white meets turquoise and feet stay in the sand for days on end.

February 2017: Cuba

Travel ban lifted, and me, on one of the first flights out.

March 2017: Cozumel

Here to dive one of the greatest spots in the world. Secretly, though, Mexican food.

December 2017: Baja Sur

Baja Sur typically receives visitors from the West Coast. I found cheap airfare out of Chicago, though, and finally got to check this one off the list. And what a check mark it is. We made San Jose our home base, the beautiful less-touristy counterpart to Cabo San Lucas. Between incredible food and drinks at […]