December 2017: Baja Sur

Baja Sur typically receives visitors from the West Coast. I found cheap airfare out of Chicago, though, and finally got to check this one off the list. And what a check mark it is. We made San Jose our home base, the beautiful less-touristy counterpart to Cabo San Lucas. Between incredible food and drinks at […]

November 2017: Carlsbad, CA

I am a sucker for surprises. Having the opportunity to trick my 8 year old into thinking we were going to the doctor one morning, when really we were going to the airport and then Legoland was one of the highlights of the year. Legoland is perfect for parents who want to vacation at a […]

March 2017: Cozumel

Here to dive one of the greatest spots in the world. Secretly, though, Mexican food.

December 2016: Key West

Polydoctyl kitten friends and wild human girl friends.

August 2016: Virgin Islands

Where white meets turquoise and feet stay in the sand for days on end.

July 2016: Oregon

When food, beer, and dunes come together PNW-style, you take advantage.

April 2016: California Coast

Traversing the 101 in search of sun and sand.

January 2016: Cancun

Sometimes, you need 48 hours at a cheap all-inclusive to escape the bitter cold of home.

November 2015: Puerto Rico

A fortress, a beach and bio-luminescence.

July 2015: Aruba

Mad Max-style adventuring on the wild side of a windy island.