February 2018: New Mexico

People often describe traversing through the mountains and valleys of New Mexico as other-worldly. Even those who aren’t on a mission to find extra terrestrial activity get that sense that there is something else going on amidst the gorgeous scenery. Our trip to New Mexico gave us that feeling and so many more. From the vast emptiness of White Sands to the intricate carvings at Tent Rocks, it is a beautiful place to get lost.


  • Green and red chili anything; I like enchiladas or huevos rancheros Christmas-style, with both red and green chili sauce.
  • The art galleries of Santa Fe
  • The breweries of Alququerque
  • Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Ranch, just a few minutes outside ABQ. If you need to wind down and decompress, this is the place. Amazing setting and excellent onsite restaurant
  • Blue corn donuts