Lithia Springs Resort: Ashland, OR

Scouring the earth for magical hotels is a little like mining for gold; once you find it, you don’t know if you want to keep it your little secret or share with the world. In this case, I’m choosing the latter. I discovered the breathtaking Lithia Springs Resort after I made a last-minute decision to head to Southern Oregon one weekend, on a quest for a new adventure by way of Crater Lake.

The resort sits just off the highway, but you would never know it once you’re there. I spent the weekend mostly soaking in the giant spa tub in my room, and cozying up to the fireplace. With high tea offered to guests every afternoon and an onsite spa, there’s really not any incentive to leave. And of course, the grounds are impeccably maintained and just screaming out to brides-to-be for a lovely outdoor wedding. And with it’s location just minutes from downtown Ashland, all the eating, imbibing and shopping are right there if you feel like venturing out.

It’s not very often that I find myself just enjoying the environs of my travel abode, and this resort, perhaps more than any other I’ve stayed at, really captured my fancy. I left with a renewed sense of calm and ready to tackle the next project.

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